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Rozalie Kohoutova

Rozálie Kohoutová

Tjekkiet / Website


Rozálie Kohoutová is a Czech documentary film director. She is mostly interested in topics connected with the life of Romany minority. Since 2006 she has studied documentary filmmaking at the Film Academy in Prague (FAMU). Her movie Roma Boys that she made during her Bachelor studies was awarded the best student film at Famufest 2009.


O topanki (14´, ČR, 2007)
Vetřelci a volavky (26´, ČR, 2008)
Velmistr (19´, ČR, 2008)
Roma Boys-Příběh lásky/ Roma Boys-The Love Story (30´, ČR, 2009)
Gottland (120', Czech Republic, 2014)


Kytlice, Zimmer Frei

Kytlice, Zimmer Frei (Orig.) / 2012 / Tjekkiet / 64 min

The disparate duo of Rozálie and Luděk try to understand the absurdity of nationalism that has left its mark in the region.



About the Shoes

O Topánki (Orig.) / 2007 / Tjekkiet / 13 min


Vetrelci a volavky 01

Aliens and Herons

Vetřelci a volavky (Orig.) / 2008 / Tjekkiet / 26 min

The documentary Aliens and Herons portraits the fate of the sculptures from the Communist so called normalization era in the Czech public space. Why does it always have to be innocent sculptures who suffer from political change?



20th Jihlava IDFF is worth visiting

20th Jihlava IDFF is worth visiting

From October 25 to 30, the 20th edition of the largest celebration of documentary film in Central and Eastern Europe is held in Jihlava, Czech Republic. Until November 6, the festival continues online at DAFilms.com.

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- 24.10.2016 -

The festival of German language films is drawing near. Don’t miss it!

The festival of German language films is drawing near. Don’t miss it!

If only because Das Filmfest has prepared a selection of the most interesting films from the current production of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From October 19 to 23, Prague’s viewers can visit Lucerna and Atlas cinemas and choose among almost 40 films, ranging from historical films and psychological drama through genre and art films to crazy comedies.

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- 10.10.2016 -

Jihlava, Or 20 Years of Documentary in Bohemia

Jihlava, Or 20 Years of Documentary in Bohemia

From October 25 to 30, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival will see its 20th anniversary edition. Look forward to the opulent programme in eight screening halls!

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- 3.10.2016 -

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