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khavn de la cruz

Khavn De La Cruz



Khavn De La Cruz is a very outspoken, experimental film maker with an unstoppable desire to explore and cross boundaries. He has made twenty-three features and more than seventy short films, most of which have received prizes, given retrospectives, and presented in international film festivals. He has served as a jury member in the Clermont-Ferrand (France), Copenhagen (Denmark), Jeonju (Korea), Jihlava (Czech Republic), & Berlinale (Germany) film festivals. He is the president of the independent film company Filmless Films and the festival director of .MOV, the first digital film festival in the Philippines.
Besides of being film maker, Khavn also writes poetry and fiction and composes music. His books of poetry and fiction are published by the University of Santo Tomas Publishing and the University of the Philippines Press, among them is Ultraviolins, the first postmodern book of stories in Filipino. Khavn is an acclaimed composer, songwriter, singer & pianist who has performed all over the world and has made several albums, including soundtracks for internationally-renowned films. He has written & composed several rock operas staged at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Tanghalang Ateneo. He is the bandleader of The Brockas and has also been part of the jury of the Awit Awards.
Khavn owned and managed Oracafe, a cultural hub for Philippine writers, musicians, filmmakers, and other artists in the late 90s.


Amen: A Brown Comedy (15´, Philippines, 2002)
Mondomanila (15´, Philippines, 2004)
Headless (Pugot) (70´, Philippines, 2004)
Nakalimutan ko na/ I´ve Forgotten (Philippines, 2005)
Can and Slippers (5´, Philippines, 2005)
Ang pamilyang kumakain ng lupa/ The Family That Eats Soil (75´, Philippines, 2005)
Toxic Mango (5´, Philippines, 2006)
Rugby Boyz (8´, Philippines, 2006)
Paalam aking bulalakaw/ Goodbye My Shooting Star (85´, Philippines, 2006)
Our Daily Bread (3´, Philippines, 2006)
By the Suez Canal (2´, Philippines, 2007)
Iskwaterpangk/ Squatterpunk (79´, Philippines, 2007)
Nothing Funnier Than Unhappiness (5´, Philippines, 2007)
3 Days of Darkness (Philippines, 2007)
Namamasko po/ Christmas Alms (5´, Philippines, 2008)
Literature (7´, Philippines, 2008)
Kulob 34 (41´, Philippines, 2008)
Ang dagat na nalulunod/ The Drowning Sea (6´, Philippines, 2008)
Philippine Bliss (80´, Philippines, 2008)
The Muzzled Horse of an Engineer in Search of Mechanical Saddles (80´, Philippines, 2008)
Ultimo: Distintas maneras a matar un heroe nacional (6´, Philippines, 2008)
Maynila sa mga pangil ng dilim/ Manila in the Fangs of Darkness (72´,Philippines, 2008)
Day tingnga ti misteryo ti Kristo Negro/ The Middle Mystery of Kristo Negro (70´, Philippines, 2009)
Pamilya Kariton/ The Pushcart Family (4´, Philippines, 2009)
Blackworms (5´, Philippines, 2009)
Cameroon Love Letter (For Solo Piano) (70´, Philippines/ Cameroon, 2010)
Son of God (80', Phillipines, 2010)
The Trials of Mister Serapio (Phillipines, 2010)
Mondomanila, or: How I Fixed My Hair After a Rather Long Journey (75', Philipines, 2010)
The One and Only Concert of the Amazing Combo of Kommander Kulas and His Poor Carabao in the Long and Unwinding Road of Kamyas (Philipines, 2011)
Breather (Philippines, 2011)
Kalakala (71', Philipines, 2012)
Ruined Heart! Another Love Story Between a Criminal and a Whore (15', Philipines, 2012)
Solar Syokoy (4', Philipines, 2012)
EDSA XXX: Nothing Ever Changes in the Ever-Changing Republic of Ek-Ek-Ek (Philipines, 2012)
Misericordia: The Last Mystery of Kristo Vampiro (70', Philipines, 2013)

bahag kings_main photo

Bahag Kings

Bahag Kings (Orig.) / 2006 / Filippinerne / 74 min

Seven men in multi-coloured cloths wrapped between the legs and worn as a symbol of ethnicity pretend to be the descendents of majestic native rulers and village idiots and attired as such experience a series of bizarre incidents in the big city.



Can and Slippers

Can and Slippers (Orig.) / 2005 / Filippinerne / 2 min

Can & Slippers serves as a two-minute example of the art of football while running through the narrow streets of the poor neighbourhood to the dump that surrounds it.



Kamias: Memory of Forgetting

Alaala Ng Paglimot (Orig.) / 2006 / Filippinerne / 70 min

The quick shots present life in a home in the suburbs and simultaneously come together in a kind of hallucinated reality to compose a portrait of the artist.


Our Daily Bread 01

Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread (Orig.) / 2006 / Filippinerne / 5 min

The film Our Daily Bread takes place in the slums and captures a day in the life of one family that makes a living collecting garbage in the streets. Poverty is the highest degree of futility, the consummate absence of freedom.


rugby boyz_4

Rugby Boyz

Rugby Boyz (Orig.) / 2006 / Filippinerne / 7 min

The winning film at the Oberhausen short film festival, Rugby Boyz presents a disturbing and compressed portrait of life in a poor neighbourhood in a Philippine town, where among the shacks the only source of entertainment for children is karaoke, rugby, and sniffing paint thinner.


Squatterpunk intro


Iskwaterpangk (Orig.) / 2007 / Filippinerne / 79 min

Squatterpunk shows something of life in the slums in a quite special way. It shows how poor, forgotten and ignored children can have a good time.



Son of God

Son of God (Orig.) / 2010 / Danmark, Filippinerne / 30 min

En film om en dværg, der tilbedes som Guds søn af sine dybt religiøse tilhængere på Filippinerne.



A Showcase of Asian Documentary Film Jewels? TIDF!

A Showcase of Asian Documentary Film Jewels? TIDF!

The interest in all things Asian is growing faster than capital markets in the global world. That goes for documentary films as well. The contemporary production of Asian documentary filmmakers is regularly presented by Taiwan International Documentary Festival.

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- 12.9.2016 -

Gulîstan, Land of Roses Wins Prestigious Doc Alliance Selection Award at Locarno IFF

Gulîstan, Land of Roses Wins Prestigious Doc Alliance Selection Award at Locarno IFF

On Sunday, August 7, young director Zaynê Akyol became the 9th winner of the unique Doc Alliance Selection Award that is awarded since 2008 by the international Doc Alliance platform. The Kurdish director based in Canada received the award during an award ceremony at Locarno IFF. Along with the award, the filmmaker also received financial support of 5.000 euro for her future film.

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- 8.8.2016 -

Doc Alliance Selection Award 2016: Fresh Documentary Talents at the Upcoming Ninth DAS Awards

Doc Alliance Selection Award 2016: Fresh Documentary Talents at the Upcoming Ninth DAS Awards

Ever since 2008, Doc Alliance has been organising an international award intended especially for first-time directors. The Doc Alliance Selection Award helps up-and-coming filmmaking talents to put their name on the documentary map, providing a prize of EUR 5,000 to support their future projects. In 2016, Doc Alliance again nominated 7 outstanding films that will be vying for the 9th annual Doc Alliance Selection Award. The name of the winning title will be announced on August 7, 2016 during an official ceremony at the Locarno International Film Festival.

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- 13.6.2016 -

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