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Lean a Ladder Against Heaven / CS version

DIR: Jana Ševčíková
2014 / Tjekkiet / 101 min

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Arnošt Lustig - Nine Lives

DIR: Ivo Pavelek, Kristina Pavelková
2012 / Tjekkiet / 63 min

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Disease of the Third Power

DIR: Zuzana Piussi
2011 / Slovakiet / 52 min

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Vítejte v KLDR 00

Welcome to North Korea!

DIR: Linda Kallistová Jablonská
2008 / Tjekkiet / 76 min

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DIR: Pavel Abrahám
2012 / Tjekkiet / 108 min

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Who is affraid of Ashley Lightspeed?0

Who is afraid of Ashley Lightspeed?

DIR: Bohdan Bláhovec
2007 / Tjekkiet / 20 min

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DIR: Ivo Bystřičan
2014 / Tjekkiet / 72 min

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The Magic Voice of a Rebel

DIR: Olga Sommerová
2014 / Tjekkiet / 85 min

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The Secret Of One Swimming Pool_1

The Secret Of One Swimming Pool

DIR: Andrea Kalinová
2006 / Slovakiet / 25 min

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31 Endings/31 Beginnings

DIR: Rafani
2011 / Tjekkiet / 82 min

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DIR: Agnès Varda
1975 / Frankrig / 8 min

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DIR: Bohdan Bláhovec
2013 / Tjekkiet / 66 min

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Docs Against Gravity presents: Masterclass of Werner Herzog

DIR: Werner Herzog
2010 / Polen / 163 min

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Experience of Exorcist

DIR: Jan Rendl
2011 / Tjekkiet / 17 min

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DIR: Lukáš Kokeš
2009 / Tjekkiet / 25 min

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15 documentary festival hits in the second edition of KineDok

15 documentary festival hits in the second edition of KineDok

Last year saw the launch and pilot edition of KineDok, a unique international project presenting the screenings of creative documentary films enhanced by the debates with the authors of the films and various experts and by other interesting accompanying events. In 2016, this project, organized by the Institute of Documentary Film, offers 15 more European documentaries and brings site specific screenings also to the new audiences in Poland and Norway. Within the Czech Republic, the fans of creative documentaries have a chance to visit more than 150 screenings at at least 25 diverse places and explore current Czech and European documentary production.

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- 9.5.2016 -

A world in a box - Interview with Słavomir Batyra

A world in a box - Interview with Słavomir Batyra

Read an exclusive interview with Polish filmmaker Słavomir Batyra, director of THE GREAT THEATRE. He will guide you through the recesses of his short film just like his film guides the viewers through the recesses of the largest opera house in the world. Would you like some opera tickets or rather cinema ones? What about taking both?

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- 20.4.2016 -

International My Street Films project launches its third edition

International My Street Films project launches its third edition

The My Street Films competition, which invites the public to make their own short films from their surroundings, launches its third edition in the streets of Central Europe. The project originally comes from London where it mapped the city on the Thames through film stories about the streets and their inhabitants. In collaboration with DAFilms.com, the film map has expanded to the Czech Republic and from there to Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

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- 13.4.2016 -

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