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Miroslav Janek

Miroslav Janek



Miroslav Janek (born 1954) made photographs from the age of ten; from the age of fifteen, he made short films, a great number of which were awarded at numerous festivals of amateur film. From 1973 to 1976, he failed to be submitted to the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) three times. In 1979, he emigrated to Germany and went on to live in Minneapolis, USA; there he worked as film editor and cameraman, making a whole range of creative films. In 1978, the legend of Czech interwar avant-garde Alexander Hammid (formerly Hackenschmied) introduced him to director Godfrey Reggio with whom he cooperated as editor on the films of the famous Quatsi trilogy (Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, Naqoyqatsi) and further on the short film Anima Mundi and the multimedia project FABRICA based in Treviso, Italy. He returned to the Czech Republic in 1995. He worked for the Czech Television making sixty-minute documentary films winning multiple awards at international festivals (Kha-Chee-Pae, The Unseen, Purple Sails and others). From 1998, he works as a lecturer at FAMU on permanent basis. In 2007, he finished the film Citizen Havel using the material made by director Pavel Koutecký who had suffered a tragic death. His wife Tonička Janková is a film editor as well.


Bratrovražda (14´, Czechoslovakia, 1977)
Heroes (USA, 1983)
Little City in Space (60´, USA, 1984)
Visitor (23´, USA, 1984)
Now I Lay Me... (USA, 1987)
Sedum deset Nečtiny (59´, CZ, 1994)
O Králíkovi a hostech (CZ, 1995)
The Unseen (59´, CZ, 1996)
Poslední Slovan (23´, CZ, 1997)
Kdo je... Jiří Králík (CZ, 1997)
Barokní opera (59´, CZ, 1997)
Hamsa, já jsem (58´, CZ, 1998)
Previanti, výjevy ze života vesnických muzikantů (58´, CZ, 1999)
Člověk a jeho pán (CZ, 2000)
Bitva o život/ Battle for Life (88´, CZ, 2000) – episode director
Chaos (59´, CZ, 2001)
Purple Sails (78´, CZ, 2001)
Kha-Chii-Pae (58´, CZ, 2005)
Vierka aneb záhada zmizení rodiny B. (76´, CZ, 2005)
Citizen Havel – together with Pavel Koutecký (119´, CZ, 2007)
Zpověď Kateryny K. (56´, CZ, 2008)
For Semafor (73', Czech Republic, 2010)
Burning (58', Czech Republic, 2012)
Olga (87', Czech Republic, 2014)
The Gospel According to Brabenec (90', Czech Republic, 2014)
Film Spa (70', Czech Republic, 2015)



Umanutá (Orig.) / 2012 / Tjekkiet / 60 min

An intimate portrait of a director who almost involuntarily devoted her life to film, and who was willing to sacrifice three marriages and motherhood to the cult filmmaking. The film portrays Drahomíra Vihanová as a hard-headed shaman of images who shares her religion from its early days of being damned by the regime for Zabitá neděle (Squandered Sunday, 1969) to the public execution of Zpráva o putování studentů Petra a Jakuba (The Pilgrimage of Students Peter and Jacob, 2002)...



For Semafor

For Semafor (Orig.) / 2010 / Tjekkiet / 73 min

Musical road movie with twenty stops shows a unique project For Semafor. The film was shot in the Autumn of 2009. 23 musicians and bands participated in For Semafor...




Chačipe (Orig.) / 2005 / Tjekkiet / 57 min

Miroslav Janek observes life in a children’s home through games. He chooses the children like partners for filming, teaches them to handle the camera, and leaves them to film their environment themselves...




Olga (Orig.) / 2014 / Tjekkiet / 87 min

The police couldn't break her, the Castle didn't change her: The remarkable story of Václav Havel's reluctant first lady.



The Gospel According to Brabenec

Evangelium podle Brabence (Orig.) / 2014 / Tjekkiet / 87 min

Journalist Renata Kalenská’s book of interviews with member of the Plastic People Vratislav Brabenec recorded not only his memories of the underground years, but also the author’s experiences with this highly distinctive individual...




Vierka (Orig.) / 2005 / Tjekkiet / 75 min

When the singer Ida Kellerová heard the recording with Vierka’s songs she not only decided to invite the talented young woman to work with her but also opened up her entirely family to Vierka to live with. These Slovakian Roma, still living in chillingly inadequate conditions in flats without electricity, move, and thus begins the adventure in which this consummate musician and her uncoventional guests live together. One day however Vierka and her entire family disappear…



Citizen Havel

Občan Havel (Orig.) / 2007 / Tjekkiet / 120 min

Begun in 1992 and stemming from a chain of historical events all wedded to the person of Václav Havel, director Pavel Koutecký set out to render a portrait of the first president of Czech Republic.


Little City in Space0

Little City in Space

Little City in Space (Orig.) / 1984 / Tjekkiet / 60 min

A documentary film about a weird community radio station in Minneapolis.


Purple Sails1

Purple Sails

Nachové plachty (Orig.) / 2001 / Tjekkiet / 78 min

In the world of wrath and hatred this film is a dream about love and beauty. Mira Janek's full-length documentary inspired by the literary text written by furious dreamer Alexander Grin and Forman Brothers' Theatre performance...



The Unseen

Nespatřené (Orig.) / 1997 / Tjekkiet / 53 min

Folk forestiller sig, at blinde mennesker lever i mørke, og aner intet om de ting omkring dem. Men de har en konkret idé om hver enkelt sag," siger fotografen Daniela Horníčková...



Gulîstan, Land of Roses Wins Prestigious Doc Alliance Selection Award at Locarno IFF

Gulîstan, Land of Roses Wins Prestigious Doc Alliance Selection Award at Locarno IFF

On Sunday, August 7, young director Zaynê Akyol became the 9th winner of the unique Doc Alliance Selection Award that is awarded since 2008 by the international Doc Alliance platform. The Kurdish director based in Canada received the award during an award ceremony at Locarno IFF. Along with the award, the filmmaker also received financial support of 5.000 euro for her future film.

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- 8.8.2016 -

Doc Alliance Selection Award 2016: Fresh Documentary Talents at the Upcoming Ninth DAS Awards

Doc Alliance Selection Award 2016: Fresh Documentary Talents at the Upcoming Ninth DAS Awards

Ever since 2008, Doc Alliance has been organising an international award intended especially for first-time directors. The Doc Alliance Selection Award helps up-and-coming filmmaking talents to put their name on the documentary map, providing a prize of EUR 5,000 to support their future projects. In 2016, Doc Alliance again nominated 7 outstanding films that will be vying for the 9th annual Doc Alliance Selection Award. The name of the winning title will be announced on August 7, 2016 during an official ceremony at the Locarno International Film Festival.

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- 13.6.2016 -

15 documentary festival hits in the second edition of KineDok

15 documentary festival hits in the second edition of KineDok

Last year saw the launch and pilot edition of KineDok, a unique international project presenting the screenings of creative documentary films enhanced by the debates with the authors of the films and various experts and by other interesting accompanying events. In 2016, this project, organized by the Institute of Documentary Film, offers 15 more European documentaries and brings site specific screenings also to the new audiences in Poland and Norway. Within the Czech Republic, the fans of creative documentaries have a chance to visit more than 150 screenings at at least 25 diverse places and explore current Czech and European documentary production.

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- 9.5.2016 -

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